"Our home town"

Our fragrant mountain hay comes from our lush meadows and steep slopes. It is harvested with machine support, but also with much manual work. Thus we gain the best food for our Tyrolean Grauvieh - a now rare and protected cattle breed. As good as it is for the cows, their milk, which strengthens our calves and gives them the best conditions for growing up, tastes delicious. Our cows and calves spend the summer on the alp, where the mountain grasses and herbs are particularly aromatic and nutritious.


A delicious, strengthening breakfast at the farm is of course incomplete without a good egg. You can convince yourself daily of the incomparable taste the eggs of our happy chickens with daily exercise have. According to good tradition, we still keep old chicken breeds, which gives you a special treat.

For decades horses have been important and loyal helpers at the Hieserhof. The heart of the whole family still belongs to them today. Our "Asenia" - an original Tyrolean Haflinger, which is a mountain horse breed that is part of the "living cultural asset of the country" - as well as our Shetland pony "Sunny" are looking forward to your visit, all of whom know how to enchant young and old.

Even Heidi had fallen in love with "Schnucki and Bärli". The two goats are also part of our animal family and can no longer be thought away. But take care of your stuff, they find hidden sweets in your pockets and they know exactly what they want!


Very popular, especially with the children, are of course also our hares "Hoppel" and "Schnuffi". So that nothing happens to them, they are guarded by "Muini". No, she is not a guard dog, but our cat, as she belongs to every Tyrolean farm. All day, our "Muini" sweeps through her realm around the farm and can be stroked at times.

A typical Tyrolean farm is not complete without a large garden. The accompanying work, "Gartln", can also be a real pleasure. At the Hieserhof all sorts of vegetable varieties and spicy herbs flourish for self-sufficiency. And our fruit trees guarantee us delicious fruit, which you can taste for yourselves.

A special feature at the Hieserhof is our power station, which has been used to generate electricity for over 60 years. The use of hydropower has a long tradition in Tyrol. In particular, the approx. 950 small-scale hydropower plants in the country make an important contribution to green electricity production. Thus, our power station provides the house and farm with green energy and this small technical miracle can be admired from close up.

"We want to show you more"

Of course, you are not only invited to look at everything at the Hieserhof. You can also participate in our everyday life to get to know life on a Tyrolean farm - in harmony with nature and old traditions - and to take home unique holiday memories.

You can find more impressions of the Hieserhof under Our pictures!