"Im Gartn a Gaudi!"

Leisure in the countryside! Garden and playground for you!

Sunshine, fresh mountain air and the beautiful panorama are not the only things that lure us into the open air. As with any proper holiday on the farm, you will be greeted by a wonderful garden right in front of the house, together with a playground, to the delight of the little ones!

Made of wood and lovingly designed, the small play paradise provides a lot of fun and enjoyment for the children. We invite you to discover and enjoy a green area for ball games, slide and swing, a sand box and even a small climbing wall.

While the children often find themselves in the middle of the morning enjoying playing outside, parents can make themselves comfortable on the lounger and enjoy the cozy spot.

On occasion, you can watch us while we do the „Gartln“ (garden work) and if you feel like it, you’re welcome to lend a helping hand. In the garden all kinds of vegetable varieties and aromatic herbs thrive, while the fruit trees and shrubs provide shade and provide us with delicious fresh fruits.